An exhibition of classic and contemporary hand-knotted carpets

by the Bulgarian factory “Hemus”

09 May – 09 June 2017

The San Stefano Gallery is pleased to invite you to the official launch of the exhibition “Carpet Art” - a showing of hand-knotted wool carpets. The Bulgarian manufacturer “Hemus” brings together the skills of experienced weavers to recreate works of art through threads.

The exposition will showcase the contemporary art of the artist Robert Baramov together with the unique collection of revived French exquisiteness - the Savonnerie carpets that are one of the highest-ranking diplomatic gifts one can make. The carpets in Empire style are part of the cultural heritage and were exclusive property of the French Crown until 1768.

The colours and technique have been lost back in 1998 when the last prototype was made in the Savonnerie workshop in France. Now, almost 20 years later, the Bulgarian weavers revive prototypes from centuries ago.

The exposition will serve as an exclusive debut of the highly anticipated work of art “Cephalus and Procris” – on May 25 we will present to you a carpet (311cm x 354cm), adapted from an 18-century tapestry, depicting two heroes from the Greek mythology - the great hunter Cephalus and his wife, Procris. The tapestry that served as a prototype scene has been woven for 25 years in France and acquired by the French Crown in the 18 century.

Threads of more than 150 hues recreate Procris, givings two presents to her beloved one, the hunter Cephalus: a javelin that never misses its mark and a hunting dog – a symbol of the reconciliation between them.

Carpets made by “Hemus” are owned by the British Royal Family, the Rt. Hon. Anthony Blair, Mick Jagger, Queen Beatrix and are an unseparable part of the interior of palaces such as the Buckingham, Versailles, the Alnwick Castle, the Osborne Historic Palace, the Albertina museum in Vienna, Goodwood House and others.

Join us and get ready for a magic ride in the enchanting world of carpet art.

The unique limited edition art rugs will be available to buy only at the San Stefano Gallery. The exhibition will continue until June 09, 2017.

San stefano plaza - location

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