6 October, 18:00 p.m.

The Dutch printmaking artists Maria Kapteijns and Marijn Dijkmeijer, participants in the ongoing exhibition Graphics Re-concept, are visiting Sofia as guest-speakers of San Stefano Gallery to present the printmaking in the Netherlands, They will give a brief outline on the political and social engagement of works and how they are being embraced in museums.

On October 6, from 6 to 8 p.m. the visitors will have the opportunity to see a video, prepared by the guest-artists, illustrating the Netherlandish Golden Age of printmaking.

Another highlight of the evening will be the official launch of the catalogue based on the exhibition Graphics' Re-Concept, presented by Snejina Bisserova - curator of the show and Yavor Grancharov - chief executive of the graphic design.

Marijn Dijkmeijer is filmmaker, animator, and printmaking artist. She was born in Netherlands in 1995. After finishing her Master of Arts in Gothenburg, Sweden, she moved to the Netherlands. In her work she explores narrativity as a powerful mechanism. She uses different animation methods and different modes of storytelling to explore the nuances of stories.

Maria Kapteijns is a printing artist and cultural organizer. She was born in Netherlands in 1965. In Maria’s work the city often plays a major role. From nature and insect biotopes - real wildlife in our cultivated cities - to swarm behaviour of human beings, to a superorganism, a colony. It is a synecdoche for our human condition, our symbiotic, networked way of being, thinking and living in the human colony.

Maria Kapteijns and Marijn Dijkmeijer have worked together making an animated video with prints as starting point.

Entrance: free

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