A Solo Show of Tatiana Harizanova

January 14 - February 14

The first exhibition of San Stefano Gallery will showcase new paintings of the emerging artist Tatiana Harizanova at the contemporary art space a.k.a. The Concrete.

Tatiana explores the world through her own thoughts and emotions that she transforms into a unique visual language. The clean drawing lines on the canvas carry a child-like naivety and refer to the pure joy of discovering the world.

Her paintings are often rooted simply on two tones, but the palette wreaks havoc from throwing us into actively pulsating hues and bringing us down to pacification with fine pastel subtleness.

The persistent style element present in most artworks is the line - a straight one to reflect the daunting silence of eternity in timelessness and the curve - the ever-pulsating beginning of life in the bossom of the curve.

The starting lines of Tatiana take us within the the circle of contemplation and thoughts of dance between the straight line and the curve, between space and time. We reach the ending point of art to hushed, to be able to hear the silence.

San stefano plaza - location

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