An exhibition by Vezhdi Rashidov

Sculptures and paintings

22 February - 22 March

On 22 February 2018, San Stefano Gallery will become a starting point for a journey across the Old Continent of Vezhdi Rashidov’s exhibition of never-before-shown sculptures and paintings. These artworks represent the artist’s ultimate comeback to his temple – the studio.

The Bulgarian artist Vezhdi Rashidov, who has named his exhibition ‘A Comeback’, is inviting us into his world of sculptures where his desire for complicity with viewers is perceived, because nothing proves better a person’s vitality than the presence of others in it.

Solitude is essential for every artist, but only to the point when his artworks are completed, as long as we could perceive them as the artist’s quest for attaining an artistic and aesthetic goal. After that the artist needs to disclose himself, unveil and display his artworks, to share them with the world where his sculptures and paintings begin to live a life on their own through their encounter with the audience.

This exhibition is a symbolic comeback of the artist to his long cherished desire – to make his art visible and accessible, thus opening people’s minds to his inner wealth. It is of particular importance after Vezhdi Razhidov stepped down from his duties as Minister of Culture which had kept him away from the studio. Today Vezhdi Rashidov has come back among us after one his toughest battles, being more mature, more sensitive and showing great skill and love of life.

This exhibition is a remarkable comeback through which the artist continues writing his biography and accumulating creative capital – the capital which I strongly believe will survive and turn into his testament to the world.

Translation of an extract from Ms. Adelina Fileva’s article

Photographer: Ivo Hadzhimishev
Vernissage: 22 February at 6 pm

San stefano plaza - location

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