March 2018

From 16 March to 15 April 2018, the contemporary art space situated opposite San Stefano Gallery will be showcasing PAPERCHASE / SUPPORT PAPIER. The project is a successful artistic dialogue between France and Bulgaria which stimulates the exchange of artworks where paper has been used to inspire an artistic position.

The organizations Traffic d’Art (Strasbourg) and Advertising Artists (Sofia) are presenting ten national artists who have created incredible cut-paper artworks. Their artistic concepts and quests intertwine with the themes of transience, memory and communication in today’s digital world. Without working together or having any direct relationship with each other, the artists have come up with similar creative pursuits and positions in their concepts. Paper stands above the material existence of the particular art object and is rendered as a mirror, as a platform that deciphers human codes and cultural norms in our contemporary digital environment.

The Bulgarian artists who take part in the exhibition are Georgi Georgiev-Jorrras, Dessislava Mineva Carboné, Elizabeth Boundjolova-Thallauer, Ivo Bistrichki, Kosara Georgieva, Miglena Yoncheva-Nikolova, Ralitsa Stoitseva, Svetlana Mircheva, Stella Vasileva, Tsvetislava Koleva. France is represented by the visual artists Alain Alma, Allen Eshenlauer, Bill Noir, Christoph Meier, Daniel Shiffman, Didier Kiefer, Elise Planhard, Régis Pirastru, Natasha Kaland, and Pierre Roche.

The project is curated by Tsvetelina Anastasova (Advertising Artists) and Allen Eshenlauer (Trafic d’Art).

To make the project presentation in Sofia truly successful, the curator Tsvetelina Anastasova has invited two guest artists: Valentina Shara (Italy) and Stefan Churchuliev (Bulgaria) who perfectly fit into the upcoming exhibition with their creative pursuits and artistic positions.

For more information: Svetlin Stoev, tel. +359 899 907 700


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