Training centre San Stefano Plaza is situated on 3 floors in a separate building, whose facade is made in the stylistics of the first brewery factory in Sofia, built on that same spot in 1884. The building is linked to the trade center of the complex San Stefano Plaza by an enclosed walkway and there is direct access by elevator or stairs to all the levels of the underground garage.



  • Location in a modernly equipped multifunctional complex in the center of the capital

  • Contemporarily equipped training halls in a healthy environment with high levels of daylight through automated sun protection, outside noise protection and 24/7 security and CCTV

  • Dropped ceilings, filled with acoustic sound absorbing panels

  • Energy-efficient lighting equipment



The working surfaces of the desks, as well as those of the conference room table are made out of an innovative Nano technological material FENIX NTM®, which is resistant to scratches, abrasions and friction. One of the most innovative characteristics of FENIX NTM® is related to micro scratches – if the structure of the material is not damaged beyond repair, the scratches could be heat-repaired a random amount of times just by using a conventional hairdryer.



Square area: 300 m²

  • Office spaces (1 space)

  • Conference room (12 seats)

  • Training room 1 (13 seats)

  • Training room 2 (14 seats)

  • Phonetic cabinet (19 seats) 

  • A separate bathroom

Floor 3

Square area: 300 m²

  • Office spaces (1 space)

  • Training room 1 (6 seats)

  • Training room 2 (11 seats)

  • Training room 3 (13 seats)

  • Training room 4 (14 seats)

  • A separate bathroom

Floor 4

Square area: 300 m²

  • Reception desk

  • Kitchenette

  • Office 1 (1 space)

  • Office 2 (1 space)

  • Office 3 (1 space)

  • An “open space” type of working hall (80 seats)

  • Storage area

The fourth and last floor of the building is dedicated to office spaces and has a light and spacious “open space” type of hall, a fully equipped kitchenette, three separate work cabinets and bathrooms.

The training centre San Stefano space provides plenty of natural light by the remote-controlled roof windows, while the sky view gives a feeling of vastness and freedom.

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IMG 7404 IMG 7380 IMG 7478 IMG 7489

San stefano plaza - location

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